Recruiter Entry vs. Candidate Entry

Choose to have your candidate complete an application and then enter their information in the system yourself (Recruiter Entry) or request their email address, enter that alone in the system, and an email will be sent from Accurate Background, Inc. requesting the candidate complete their background profile online.

With either input option, the user-centric website allows for quick and easy input, and status and retrieval of background reports at your desktop, on your own time.

Technological Advances include:

  • Complete turn-key screening solutions.
  • Customized integration based on recruiting processes; permissions and rights granted down to the user level.
  • Reports matched by multiple identifiers such as first name, last name, date of birth and/or social security number.
  • Reliability and scalability needed to handle large volumes of requests.
  • Proprietary internal systems facilitate the rapid disbursement of requests and results to create industry-leading turnaround times.
  • Stylize entry forms to your specifications.
Security Measures include:

  • 3DES SSL encryption for secure data Certificate of Authority with 128-bit encryption.
  • Intrusion Detection and Field Level Database Encryption employed.
  • Advanced firewall and virus detection technologies in place.
  • Dual servers to ensure redundant, continuous system access.