Advanced Technology: 

  • Customized online application based on your specific needs.
  • Flexible integrations with your ATS or one of our partners, and/or online candidate applications to streamline processes.
  • Customized package programs for a more comprehensive search.

Quality Work Product: 

  • Quality Assurance program designed to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • A wide variety of employment screening, compliance tools and drug testing solutions to meet all your needs.
  • Simplified screening process through cutting edge technology and experienced staff.
  • Results are verified and double-checked for accuracy in order to return flawless results to you every time.

High Volume Capabilities: 

  • Advanced technology provides the reliability and scalability needed to handle large volumes of requests.
  • A proprietary internal system facilitates the rapid disbursement of requests and results to create industry leading turnaround time.
  • High quality services and industry expertise offering support to other background screening companies.
  • A staff well-trained and knowledgeable in every aspect of the public records industry.

Superior Timeliness: 

  • A nationwide network of researchers facilitates handling large volume with a quick turnaround time and accurate results to help you meet your hiring objectives.
  • 68% of all searches are returned within 24 hours and more than 86% are returned within 48 hours.

Flexible Accessibility: 

  • Quick turnaround time allows you to hire the best employees for your organization.
  • The capability to respond to your requests through various avenues of communication.
  • The user-centric website allows for quick and easy input, status and retrieval of background reports at your desktop, on your own time.
  • A Firewall server provides Internet security and acts as a barrier to prevent network intruders from visiting the site.

Customized Reports: 

  • Result formats are easy to read and understand and can be tailored to meet your specific needs and criteria.
  • Management Reports allow you to monitor the success of your screening initiatives with real time data.

Outstanding Support: 

  • The implementation team facilitates rapid ramp up from contract award through complete operational functionality.
  • A Client Services Specialist is assigned to your account to provide ongoing support, handle training, questions or concerns and oversee the account.


  • Provide compliance information and best practices by providing sample templates of forms and letters for FCRA and various state requirements and with a flexible reporting and scoring process that allows you to conduct the necessary assessments to comply with jurisdictional requirements and EEOC Guidance.
  • Outsource subject notification letters (as required in CA, MN, OK, NY, CT), Pre Adverse Action letters, and Adverse Action letters.