Billing / Invoice Information

A Statutory Fee (or Stat Fee) is generally a court clerk fee. These additional fees are only applicable in those counties that have mandated court clerk statutory fees. These fees will be passed through to your organization at no additional markup.

Some education and employment verifications are only available by utilizing a third-party automated system that we must access to gain information. These third-party automated systems often have a required fee. Also, we may be assessed a fee if we need to request this information by US mail and are required to include a specific payment in order to have the information provided to us.

Case copies (aka document copies) may also result in additional fees. We only pass on additional fees to your organization that we have incurred due to processing verifications or a request for case copies.

If you have not been invoiced yet, please contact your Account Manager or your Sales Representative.

If you have been invoiced, please review the Invoice Summary Report section. You will see the package price along with the components of a specific package represented by “9PK”.

Yes, we can send your invoices via US Mail or Email.

Please refer to your Client Agreement for Payment Terms.

See below for all search codes.

Search type code Search type
9PK Customized Package
EDU Education Verification
EMP Employment Verification
F Felony
F/M Felony/Misdemeanor
FED-CR Federal Criminal
M Misdemeanor
MOV Address Mover (i.e. National SSN/Address Locator)
MVR Motor Vehicle Report
NCRIM National Criminal Database Search
PLV Professional License Verification
REF1 Professional Reference
SBJ Subject Notification
SBJ_NE Adverse Action – Offer not Extended
SBJ_PA Pre-Adverse Action
SBJ_W Adverse Action – Offer Withdrawn
ST Statewide Criminal

Compliance Information

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Public Law No. 91-508, was enacted in 1970 to promote accuracy, fairness, and the privacy of personal information assembled by Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs).CRAs assemble reports on individuals for businesses, including credit card companies, banks, employers, landlords, and others. The FCRA provides important protections for credit reports, consumer investigatory reports, and employment background checks. The FCRA is a complex statute that has been significantly altered since 1970 by Congress and the courts. The Act’s primary protection requires that CRAs follow “reasonable procedures” to protect the confidentiality, accuracy, and relevance of credit information. To do so, the FCRA establishes a framework of Fair Information Practices for personal information that include rights of data quality (right to access and correct), data security, use limitations, requirements for data destruction, notice, user participation (consent), and accountability.

For more detailed information, please read the Fair Credit Reporting Act .

Permissible Purpose is your organization’s reason for conducting background checks. In most cases, this is for employment purposes. Under Section 604 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, there are certain permissible purposes an organization must have before initiating a background screening program. The defined permissible purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • Employment purposes
  • The applicant’s written authorization

Disclosure and authorization is a required step under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The Disclosure and Authorization form is the documentation used to obtain the candidate’s prior authorization for the background check. Prior authorization is required before initiating a background check on any individual. A sample version of this form is available on our website by clicking here.

Samples of all FCRA forms are available on our website for your use. Click here to view the sample documents.

The Disclosure and Authorization form should be kept on file for a minimum of 5 years as allowed under the federal statute of limitations for civil filings of non-compliance.

The states of California, Oklahoma, Connecticut and Minnesota require organizations to provide the candidates with the opportunity to request a copy of their completed background check. The candidate can initiate this request at the time of their original consent.

California Requirements
In addition to this requirement, the state of California has their own “Summary of Rights” document (under California Civil Code 1786.22) that must be provided to the candidate at the time of consent and in those instances where employment is denied based on the results of the background check. Click here for this document.

New York Requirements
In New York, companies must provide applicants who are subject to criminal background checks with a copy of the Article 23-A of the Corrections Law titled, “Licensure and Employment of Persons Previously Convicted of One or More Criminal Offenses.” New York employers must provide a copy of the above document to the applicant:

  • Before a criminal history report is requested from Accurate Background AND
  • If the employer receives a background screening report reflecting a criminal conviction

This legislation also requires employers to post a copy of Article 23-A of the Corrections Law and related regulations clearly in the workplace.

Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action letters give the candidate the opportunity to dispute information provided in their report that they believe is erroneous. These steps were designed to provide candidates protection from mistakes as a result of human error, mistaken identity, outdated information, etc.

Yes, the candidate has the right under the FCRA to obtain a free copy of their background screening report at their request. Accurate Background can provide report copies to your candidates upon request.

Although not required, the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) does state you must use the most current information possible and after 30 days any public records are considered out of date.

At minimum, Accurate Background recommends running annual background checks to ensure nothing has occurred in the past year since the initial background check was conducted. If you are interested in conducting annual background checks, consult our Customer Service team for additional information regarding the recommended scope of the repeated background check.

The candidates must receive the following documents before a check can be conducted.

  • Background Disclosure and Authorization (“D&A”) form
  • Summary of Rights

For California candidates, the California Summary of Rights must be provided.

For New York candidates, the Article 23-A of the Corrections Law titled, “Licensure and Employment of Persons Previously Convicted of One or More Criminal Offenses” must be provided as well.

Yes, the E-D&A is accepted by 60% to 70% of institutions requiring a release. For those entities that do not accept the E-D&A, a wet-signature release is required.

Visit this link to get the revised USCIS Handbook for Employers that helps employers better understand the Form I-9 process. – Revised June 1, 2011

Consumer Disputes

A dispute is any challenge or claim that information on the completed background check report is inaccurate or incomplete. The disputed item can pertain to criminal searches or verification results.

You have four ways to request investigation of information on your background check report:

  • Fax: By faxing a dispute letter to 855.785.4434
  • Email: By emailing your request to
  • Phone: By calling Accurate Background at 800.216.8024
  • Mail: By mailing your dispute letter to:
    Accurate Background
    Dispute Department
    7515 Irvine Center Drive
    Irvine, CA 92618

Please include the following information with your dispute request:

  • Full name
  • Confirmation or ID number
  • Social Security Number (do not provide if sending via email)
  • Daytime phone number
  • Copy of driver license or photo ID (please enlarge and ensure copy is clear and legible)
  • Describe the specific incorrect information and the nature of your dispute
  • Documents to support your dispute (if available)
  • Your signature

You may contact our Client Services Team at 800.216.8024, Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time to check on the status of your dispute. At the end of the investigation process, a representative from our Dispute Department will contact you regarding the results of your dispute.

Accurate Background will notify your potential employer (the company who requested your background check) that you have initiated a dispute regarding information on your background check report. You may also contact them directly to make them aware of your dispute.

Accurate Background will investigate all the items in question by contacting the source of the disputed information. The investigation process is usually concluded within 30 days from the date we received your dispute. When this process is complete, Accurate Background will notify you and the company who requested the background check of the investigation results.

Accurate Background will contact the source of the disputed information. For example, we will contact the appropriate court if your dispute pertains to criminal search results; and we will contact your past employer if your dispute pertains to employment verification results.

We will investigate all of the items in question during the same time period. At the end of the investigation, you and your potential employer will be notified of the results.

We strongly recommend that you file your own dispute. However, your attorney or potential employer may, with your authorization, file a dispute on your behalf. We will contact you directly if additional information is needed to initiate the investigation. If your dispute is submitted by your attorney, we will need you to provide us with a letter stating that you authorize us to discuss your dispute with your attorney.

The Address Mover search gathers information from an address locator database called National Background Data. This database obtains information from a multitude of venues such as credit bureaus, public records (real property) and moving records from mailing houses. Due to the large number of contributing sources, mistaken addresses and incorrect durations can happen. It is recommended you contact the National Background Data directly at 866.389.8817 to inquire about the mistaken information.

General Information

Background screening is a time consuming and detailed task that requires highly specialized knowledge and resources. It is also subject to numerous legal regulations. Many firms have found it is an inefficient use of their time and resources to attempt to perform a service a specialist can do efficiently and cost-effectively. Even firms with fully staffed Human Resources or Security departments have found that outsourcing this service is more efficient and allows them to focus on tasks that can only be performed inside the company.

Employers check potential and current workers for several reasons. The things an employer wants to know about you can vary with the kinds of jobs you might seek. Here are a few of the reasons for employment screening.

  • Federal and state laws require that background checks be conducted for certain jobs. For example, most states require criminal background checks for anyone who works with children, the elderly, or disabled. The federal National Child Protection Act authorizes state officials to access the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database for some positions.
  • Loss Prevention professionals utilize background checks to reduce unnecessary losses from employee theft or wrongdoing. Employee theft is on the rise in today’s struggling economy. According to a 2008 study from the Institute for Corporate Productivity, employee-related monetary theft has increased during the economic downturn by 18%.
  • Negligent hiring lawsuits are on the rise. If an employee’s actions hurt someone, the employer may be liable. The threat of liability gives employers reason to be cautious in checking an applicant’s past. A bad decision can wreak havoc on a company’s budget and reputation as well as ruin the career of the hiring official. Employers no longer feel secure in relying on their instinct as a basis to hire.
  • Child abuse and child abductions in the news in recent years have resulted in new laws in almost every state that require criminal background checks for anyone who works with children. The move to protect children through criminal background checks includes employees and, in some areas, volunteers who serve as coaches for youth sports activities, scout troop leaders, and contract workers who may have access to children while working on the company premises.
  • False or inflated information supplied by job applicants is frequently in the news. Some estimates are that 30% to 40% of all job applications and resumes include some false or inflated facts. Such reports make employers wary of accepting anyone’s word at face value.

Accurate Background takes all the necessary steps to ensure that setting up a screening program with us is quick and efficient. Your Sales Representative, Account Manager and the Accurate Background Implementation Team are there to walk you through the entire account set up process.

Also, we recommend that you consult with your legal counsel about creating a background screening policy outlining your organization’s specific hiring guidelines and requirements.

There is no minimum order requirement to keep your account active. You simply use your account as often as you need to.
Accurate Background takes the quality and accuracy of our information very seriously. We are one of a few elite background screening companies who are ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Our certification is possible due to our stringent, documented quality control policies and procedures. Background screening results are verified for accuracy and our expansive network of researchers is routinely audited to ensure accurate information is provided at all times.
The turnaround time varies based on what is actually being conducted as part of your screening. A basic criminal search is typically returned within 1 to 2 business days while a more comprehensive package may average 3 to 4 business days. The turnaround time may also vary depending on the counties being searched and the responsiveness of the source. Holidays and weekends do not count towards processing time.
International education and employment verifications average 5 business days. International criminal checks vary depending on the countries where the search is being conducted.

We make every effort to avoid unnecessary delays in completing your background check requests. There are certain situations where information is delayed for reasons beyond our control, such as:

  • Natural disasters resulting in court closures and/or power outages, or
  • Unexpected court clerk delays

At any point, you can check the status of an order. If any item is incomplete, you can check the reason for the delay by accessing your online account. Some of the reasons for a delay include:

  • Other Information Needed (i.e. Release Needed, Verification of SSN, etc.)
  • Holidays
  • Weekends
  • Court Closures due to severe weather conditions, holidays, etc.

Please have your candidate contact the Accurate Background Consumer Dispute department at 800.216.8024 in order to initiate a dispute. Accurate Background complies with all state and federal statutes regarding reporting and re-investigation of disputed information.

“Other Information Needed” indicates that additional information is needed in order to continue with the background search.

An email notification will be sent to the requestor when additional information is needed. The email comes from, and contains directions on what is needed and where the information needs to be sent to be processed.

The most common items requested for “Other Information Needed” include, but are not limited to;

  • “Release Needed” – This is typically needed for Employment and/or Education Verifications. The signed release (Background Disclosure & Authorization form) should be kept with your employee files. The FCRA requires a signed Background Disclosure and Authorization Form be kept on file for all background searches initiated on candidates regardless of the final hiring decision.
  • “Motor Vehicle Release Needed” – Occasionally, a state-specific release form is needed in order to complete a Motor Vehicle Record search.
  • “Social Security Number does not match name and/or No address history provided” – We require verification of the Social Security Number entered and/or most recent address to continue with the background screening process.
  • “Additional Information Needed for Education/Employment verification – While conducting Education and Employment verifications we may need additional information in order to proceed with the verification. (i.e. phone number provided is not in service, the company is out of business, etc.)

Based on your account configuration, the “Other Information Needed” email may be distributed to your organization (the Requestor) or the job candidate. It is helpful if the other information needed is supplied quickly as this can delay the turnaround time for the completed background screening results.

Accurate Background will close out the search 72 hours after the “Other Information Needed” email notification is sent.

Please send the information to Accurate Background’s Client Services department at or call us at 800.216.8024.

Product Information

To determine a candidate’s residential address history, Accurate Background utilizes what is called a National SSN/Address Locator. The information provided by this service is collected from a nationwide proprietary database and includes information from more than 400 sources. These sources may include credit bureaus, US Postal Change of Addresses, property records, telephone directories, magazine subscriptions, and a myriad of other types of public and consumer data sources. Due to the broad scope of data sources providing this information, any additional information contained in this report that is not listed in your name is not necessarily an indication of fraudulent use or identity theft. The only information used by Accurate Background from the National SSN/Address Locator is used to confirm the candidate’s name as well as independently determine any address history that corresponds with that name. If there is any address history provided that is listed under a different name we will disregard those addresses.

If your candidate has concerns about their credit or identity, we recommend they contact the following three (3) Credit Agencies to request a copy of their record.

  • Equifax: 888.766.0008
  • Experian: 888.397.3742
  • TransUnion: 800.680.7289

No, the SSN is necessary in obtaining an independent determination of where the applicant has lived in the past. It can also be required by some universities and employers when obtaining verification of credentials.

It is a common misconception that court records are searched using a person’s Social Security number. In fact, court records are first searched by a person’s name and then, in most cases, confirmed by the applicant’s date of birth – a SSN is frequently not even listed on court records. For this reason, it is imperative to search any past aliases and/or maiden names your applicant has used in a seven year period to determine if any court cases were filed under a past name. The same can be true for education and employment verifications. Some schools and employers still verify a person’s employment or education using the person’s name, not their SSN.

The past aliases and maiden names are provided on the National SSN/Address Locator service allowing you an independent determination of a person’s address history and previous name history.

Accurate Background understands that criminal classifications and charge severity varies from state-to-state and county-to-county. For this reason, we look for both felony and misdemeanor cases when conducting a background check. There are only a few counties in the United States where access to misdemeanor information is restricted. In those counties, we are only able to access felony information. For a list of counties where misdemeanor information is not available, please contact our Customer Service team at 800.216.8024.

Yes, your applicant’s date of birth is needed to run a background check. Accurate Background must have this information as a second identifier for criminal searches as most criminal cases are filed using a person’s name and date of birth. By providing us with the date of birth, we are able to match corresponding court files to your applicant and their date of birth. Without it, there is a possibility court cases not belonging to your applicant will be erroneously reported.

For background screening purposes, the collection of a date of birth is legally permissible and collection is completed when the applicant provides their written authorization for the background check.

There are a few reasons why some counties might take longer than others:

Natural Disasters
In the unfortunate event of a natural disaster, court records can be delayed in the impacted areas due to damage and/or destruction. When this happens, we are in continuous contact with the courthouse in an effort to resolve the delays and get an update on when records will be accessible again.

Court Clerk Processing
In most counties in the United States, our experienced network of court researchers can enter the courthouse and look for court records on their own however; this is not the case in all counties. A small number of county courthouses require court record research to be conducted by the court clerk. In these instances, we are at the mercy of the court clerk to get us the court record information.

Court Holidays
There are numerous court holidays throughout the year which can cause a slight delay in court record results. All federal holidays are the same for all federal courts. At the county courthouse level the court holidays vary widely based on the state and, in some cases, the county.

Regardless of the reason for the delay, your request will be updated regularly to include specific information regarding the delay as well as the date we expect to receive the results (if available).

Accurate Background’s Risk Reduction Technology™ is a fully automated, proprietary loss prevention tool developed to promote consistency in your hiring decisions. Designed with comprehensive business intelligence, this technology systematically adjudicates each background search based on Federal, State and local regulations as well as your organization’s policies and guidelines. Based on the hiring guidelines used by your organization, the background search results are given a “Meets” or “Doesn’t Meet Requirements” recommendation.

“Adjudication” is the process of reviewing the background check results once the background check is completed and providing a “Meets Requirements” or “Doesn’t Meet Requirements” hiring recommendation. Adjudication standards help ensure compliance with State and Federal laws regarding employment background screening as well as ensure adherence to your organization’s hiring guidelines.

  • Meets Requirements – The background search has been completed and the candidate meets all hiring guidelines.
  • Doesn’t Meet Requirements – The background search has been completed and the candidate does not meet hiring guidelines.

Please note: The language used for the hiring recommendation (i.e. Meets Requirements or Doesn’t Meet Requirements) can be changes based on your organization’s needs.

There are two places where a candidate’s Adjudication status can be seen.

  • An e-mail notification which states whether a candidate Meets or Doesn’t Meet Requirements is sent to the Requestor if your account is set up for this email notification.
  • Adjudication status will appear on the Requester’s summary page under the “Review Result” column.

Accurate Background will verify information provided by the candidate regarding their past and/or current employers. Information verified includes dates of employment, position held, salary, and eligibility for rehire.

Accurate Background recommends verification of the candidate’s highest level of education. Information verified includes dates of attendance, degree/major, and graduation confirmation.

Yes, an onsite inspection will need to be completed before your organization can have access to Credit Reports. The onsite inspections can typically be scheduled and completed within an average of 5 business days and the cost for the inspection is $100.

Our Drug Testing Team provides the necessary shipping supplies and proper Chain of Custody Forms to your organization.

Your candidate should contact our Drug Testing department at 800.784.3911. The hours of operation for live customer support are Monday through Friday from 6 am to 6pm PST.

Though operating hours and days for collection sites are provided in a formatted list, these items can change without notice. It is highly recommended that the candidate call the collection site beforehand to verify hours and to determine if an appointment is necessary.

The candidate should submit to a drug test within 24- 48 hours, depending on the type of drug test and company regulations. If result is not received from the lab within 5-7 business days, the drug test component is closed. The final status is No Specimen Submitted.

The candidate should be contacted and the following information collected and relayed to the Accurate Background Drug Testing team:

  • Test Date
  • Collection Site (include facility name and complete address)
  • Chain of Custody Form Number

Yes. The drug testing status can be updated if the background screening package is still pending. If the package is closed or completed, your organization will be consulted on how you would like to proceed.

This could indicate further testing is required due to a result of Quantity Not Sufficient, Invalid Sample, a Retest Required or the result is with the Medical Review Officer (MRO).

The best course of action is to follow up with Client Services at 800.216.8024.

Adjudication criteria based on Drug Testing results can be wrapped into your Adjudication Grid. Please speak with your Sales Representative or Account Manager.

If a package is reopened to update a Drug Test result and your organization utilizes Accurate’s Risk Reduction Technology™, the adjudication will have to be reset as well.

Technology Information

An existing user, or preferably the manager on the account, needs to send an email request to Client Services at: with the person’s first/last name, email address, phone and fax number.

Within 24 hours, you will receive an email notification informing you that a candidate has been entered into the system.

The most likely cause is that the candidate(s) has not signed into Accurate Background, Inc. to complete their information.

Please contact our Client Services department at or 800.216.8024 with the correct e-mail address for resending.

API Information

Visit the Accurate Background Developer Portal to create a developer account and get API credentials.It’s free, fast and very easy. Enter your email address (for verification) and a password and click on the Submit button.

Check your email for the verification link. Once you have verified your email address, you can log in to the Developer Portal and see your API credentials, which are an HTTP Basic Authentication pair named ClientID and ClientSecret.

There are no fees for using the account in test mode. Once you are ready to go live, you can add a credit card for automatic payment through the developer portal and request to be moved to a production account directly through the Developer Portal.

The availability of a flagged result is dependent on the type of product ordered. For example, if you run the National Criminal Database and a potential criminal history is found, it is required that we conduct a search of the reporting jurisdiction (e.g., County court) to confirm the accuracy of the information from the National Criminal Database. Therefore the result of the National Criminal Database itself does not return a flag; instead it returns a status of Complete when the product has been run. The same is true for a Driving Record. Because the Department of Motor Vehicles returns information differently in each state, the information is not flagged and needs to be reviewed and compared against your company’s policy for adverse information on Driving Records.

Below is a list of the most commonly used products through the API and which ones return a flag.

  • National SSN Trace/Address Mover
    • Flags not returned
  • County Criminal Search (i.e. Felony/Misdemeanor)
    • Flags returned when Result indicates Record Found
  • Education Verification
    • Flags returned for specific Results
  • Employment Verification
    • Flags returned for specific Results
  • Driving Record (MVR)
    • Flags not returned
  • National Criminal Database
    • Flags not returned

Express Workflow

“Express” (One-Pass) implies your organization is collecting all information required for the background check from the individual including:

  • Collecting any required compliance forms
  • Providing the Federal and appropriate state notices to the individual (ex. FCRA Summary of Rights)
  • Personal Information (SSN, date of birth, current address, full name, email, phone)
  • The candidate’s answer to whether or not they want a copy of the final background check report as required in certain states

There may be other fields required based on the background check products you are ordering. Please reference the field level requirements outlined for the available products in the API Documentation.

Use of the Express Workflow requires your organization to configure the required notices and authorization processes in your platform. We have created a Compliance Guide to aid your organization along the way however review and interpretation by your legal counsel is advised.

Interactive Workflow

“Interactive” (Two-Pass) implies you are sending us the individual’s first name, last name and email, and we are triggering an email to the candidate asking them to log into our portal and complete the rest of the information as required (SSN, DOB, Driver’s License Number, etc.).

If you would like to test the candidate experience in Sandbox and walk through what the candidate workflow looks like, please to receive an example of the candidate invite.

The data fields you would want to collect in your online platform depend on two things:

1) First you need to decide with available Workflow you plan to use – Express or Interactive. The Interactive workflow requires less data from your organization and ensures capturing the required PII from the candidate prior to the background check. For more information on the differences between the two available workflows, visit our API FAQs:

2) Second, the level of data you are required to send is fully dependent on the background check products and services you plan to utilize as well as the workflow you choose to use. For example, if you are not planning to verify a person’s education, we don’t need you to send education information in the Create Candidate payload. If you are planning to verify education AND you are using Express workflow, you will need to send us the education fields. If you are planning to verify education AND you are using Interactive, you don’t need to send us their education history. We will collect the education information from the candidate directly when using the Interactive workflow. Pricing and available services through the API can be found here:

All of the required fields are listed in the API documentation under Quick Start >> Create a Candidate and they call out which ones are required all of the time vs. those just required based on service need or use of the Express Workflow –

Yes, at a minimum you need to provide Disclosure and capture Authorization from the individual before running the background check (if you utilize the Express workflow), however, there are additional rules based on specific scenarios and it is advised you consult with legal counsel before implementing your background check program. We have some great information on our website under Compliance Information in the FAQs section and through white papers such as 4 Steps to Stay Compliance with FCRA.

In addition, we have created a Compliance Guide to aid your organization along the way.

In the event you want to use the Interactive Workflow and/or utilize Accurate Background for compliance support, please reach out to to receive a complete compliance packet.  This packet will need to be completed, reviewed, and signed by Accurate Background’s Compliance Team before Accurate Background will support legal requirements on your organization’s behalf.

Yes, you can order just a driving record on individuals with the exception being the state of California. In California, any request for a driving record must be accompanied by another search (ex. County Criminal Search, National Criminal Database, National Sex Offender Registry).

While the National Criminal Database is a great tool for casting a wider net for crimes committed outside of where a person has lived, US courts do not report to any single nationwide database (including the FBI NCIC Database) on a required basis or frequency, so records retrieved from the National Criminal Database may not always be current or complete. It is recommended by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) that any information returned from this search be verified at the original source.

The National Criminal Database is a proprietary database compiled from US court records. The data is sourced from county courts, statewide criminal databases, as well as sex offender and correctional databases. The National Criminal Database is updated on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the original source.

Data is also included from:

  • Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) – Limited Access
  • FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List
  • FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitive List
  • Wanted fugitive lists published by ten additional federal agencies, such as the US Department of Justice, US Customs Service, US Marshals Service, US Secret Service, US Drug Enforcement Agency, etc.
  • National Sex Offender Search
  • Wanted fugitive lists published by numerous state and local law enforcement agencies

To comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) for pre-employment purposes, all background check results must be retrieved from the original source. Therefore, if a criminal record is uncovered through the National Criminal Database, Accurate Background is required to perform a follow-up search at the local level. Accurate Background retrieves original case information from the issuing court in person.

Only products offered through the Social Security Administration will provide that information. While the National SSN Trace/Address Locator will confirm whether or not the SSN provided is valid, it will not verify that the SSN provided belongs to the candidate you are running the background check on.

Primarily used to identify counties where applicants reside, this search gathers information from a multitude of venues, such as credit bureaus, public records (real property) and moving records from mailing houses. Accurate Background’s National SSN/Address Locater searches credit headers and association algorithms in over 20 billion records, which uncover recent relocations, as well as historical addresses. This nationwide search provides summaries of the applicant’s name, name variations (such as maiden or previous names), date of birth, current address, and phone number.

Our National SSN/Address Locater is a comprehensive tool which differentiates our service from others who use traditional credit report headers. Using our tool, Accurate Background tends to identify 30-50% more counties. (Most traditional credit headers are limited to three prior addresses.)

Yes, government notices are available on the Sample Forms section of our website.

In addition, we have created a Compliance Guide to aid your organization along the way.

In the event you want to use the Interactive Workflow and/or utilize Accurate Background for compliance support, please reach out to to receive a complete compliance packet.  This packet will need to be completed, reviewed, and signed by Accurate Background’s Compliance Team before Accurate Background will support legal requirements on your organization’s behalf.

Yes, the ability to pull the entire report through the API is outlined in the API Documentation in the section for “Retrieve an /order resource” under “/order”. It is the value in the reportUrl attribute in the API response.

Yes, the ability to pull statuses for each product you run on the individual through the API is outlined in the API Documentation in the section for “Retrieve an /order resource” under “/order”. You are also able to retrieve the status for each search by capturing additional information like what percentage of the report is complete, as well as the date the report completed.

Yes, through the API we can offer our proprietary Risk Reduction Technology to provide scoring on your results. Accurate Background’s Risk Reduction Technology™ automatically applies your organization’s decision-making criteria and ensures compliance with Federal and State regulations. Full Report Scoring and compliance filtering through our Risk Reduction Technology™ results in reduced client labor costs, consistent decision-making practices, and a streamlined process.

In order to utilize this service customized to your organization’s specific guidelines, please reach out to us at

Yes, Accurate Background can manage the distribution of state required subject notification letters, pre-adverse action letters, and adverse action letters (including the required report copy and Summary of Rights to the consumer). Samples of all federal and state compliance required documents and forms are available at no extra cost by following this link.

If adverse information is uncovered on an applicant, Accurate Background can handle the fulfillment of pre-adverse and adverse letters and delivers them to the applicant.

Accurate Background does charge for adverse administration services and fees associated with this service. Also, state-required notification letters can be automatically sent out to California, Minnesota, New York, Connecticut and Oklahoma applicants for an additional fee.

The general procedure is as follows: The applicable state and federal notifications are sent automatically based on your organizations’ decision-making guidelines pre-configured in Accurate Background’s proprietary Risk Reduction Technology™. If our Risk Reduction Technology™ delivers a “Needs Review” determination based on your organizations’ guidelines, you have the opportunity to further review the results and determine if the applicant “Meets” or “Does Not Meet” your requirements. If the candidate does not meet requirements, Accurate Background will automatically release the pre-adverse action letter. At this time the candidate can contact Accurate Background directly to dispute the report, and we will assist the candidate with any questions at that time. If during the 5-business-day period the candidate does not contact our offices, the adverse action letter will be sent out.

In the event you want to use the Interactive Workflow and/or utilize Accurate Background for compliance support, please reach out to to receive a complete compliance packet.  This packet will need to be completed, reviewed, and signed by Accurate Background’s Compliance Team before Accurate Background will support legal requirements on your organization’s behalf.

Yes, international background checks are available through the API. Availability of international information varies greatly in each country due to local requirements and regulations.

Accurate Background works directly with strategically placed foreign researchers around the world to conduct international screening. We believe this model allows us flexibility in deploying (or changing out) local and regional experts, and offers us the price leverage that such a competitive model creates.

By using a more diverse network, we are able to offer your organization the most expansive global research system available in our industry and provide you with information supplied by experts of the country’s culture, language and laws. We only work with those individuals who have proven knowledge of their country’s court system and any applicable privacy laws. Our global affiliates are routinely audited for accuracy and security. In addition, legal regulations are diligently researched and documented for each country on a continuous basis.

In order to utilize international services, please reach out to us at

Yes, through our API, Accurate Background provides employers with an efficient method to electronically manage the entire I-9 process, including collection, storage, and verification. For more information on our I-9 product, please visit this link.