In addition to our vast expertise in background screening, we are also FCRA and state restriction specialists. We can assist you by fulfilling subject notification reports, pre-adverse action letters, and adverse action letters, including the required report copies and Summaries of Rights of the Consumer on your behalf to ensure you meet these requirements.

Risk Reduction Technology™

As part of Accurate Background’s service offering, we offer results analysis on many background searches we perform. With our Risk Reduction Technology™, Accurate Background automatically reviews the results of the complete background search and then assesses a recommendation based on the guidelines your company has developed. The guidelines you develop may include a “meets,” “doesn’t meet requirements,” or “needs further review” so that you may conduct an individualized assessment as required in certain jurisdictions and in accordance with the EEOC Guidance.

Accurate Background’s Risk Reduction Technology™ gives you the most automated tool available to help provide consistent hiring decisions across your organization.