We work with your staffing vendors, janitorial service providers or any other third party to create a screening program consistent with your own program. The many benefits of providing this service to our clients are:

  • Reduces liabilities by screening everybody who represents your organization (contractors, subcontractors).
  • Creates a consistent screening program throughout your company for all permanent and contracted employees.
  • Allows you to implement your defined adjudication requirements through our Risk Reduction Technology, ensuring that the same standards are met with third party vendors.
  • Third party vendors attain favorable pricing through consolidated volume discounts.

Customized Online Solutions

Enhances efficiencies and gives you greater visibility over your Vendor Management Program.  Using our technology, you can:

  • Search by applicant
  • Sort by vendor
  • Drill down by month to see whether a background check was completed
  • View assigned adjudication status (i.e. Meets Requirements or Doesn’t Meet Requirements)
  • Monitor criminal hit rate and average turnaround time

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