Oracle Taleo | LogoOracle Taleo delivers on-demand talent management solutions to leading companies worldwide. Oracle Taleo enables organizations to assess, acquire, and manage their workforce for improved business performance.

Oracle Taleo integrates the technology, best practices, and services for managing human capital as a portfolio of talent assets so organizations receive a better return on their most significant investment. Proven technology drives anytime, anywhere on-demand availability where 500,000 users process nearly 29 million candidates from 100 countries using the Internet.

Oracle Taleo knows how talent fits into human resource processes by industry and can meet the business needs of organizations of all sizes.

Taleo Platform Cloud Service

Taleo Platform Cloud Service Recruit is the leading self-service, online recruiting solution for small to mid-size companies. Organizations worldwide fill jobs quickly, easily and cost effectively because there is no software to buy or maintain. Your Taleo Platform Cloud Service Recruit on-demand subscription gets you up and running in an hour, configuring in minutes, and launching your career website the same day. Start managing job requisitions and processing applicants immediately with just a Web browser.

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