• Fall 2015 -“HR Tech, Free Webinars, and More!”

    In this edition, we provide a free recording of our I-9 Webinar with Montserrat Miller, news on our expanded executive team, and trending articles regarding background screening best practices.

  • Summer 2015 , v2 – “Employee Theft Cost Retailers $15.6 billion in 2014”

    In this edition, we provide an infographic of best practices for retailers to reduce their risk of employee theft.

  • Summer 2015 – “FBI Database Searches – Are You at Risk?”

    In this edition, we discuss the results of a recent Government Accountability Office study on the completeness and reliability of information available in the FBI criminal record database.

  • Spring/Summer 2015 – “22 New Laws that May Impact Your Hiring in 2015”

    In this edition, we provide an in-depth analysis of new legislation that may impact your hiring process in 2015.

  • Fall/Winter 2014 “Removing the Box is Just the Beginning”

    In this edition, we provide an in-depth analysis of recent “Ban the Box” initiatives and the implications for employers across the country.