Choose Accurate Background and let us manage the complexity for you and navigate regional differences, compliance and local laws to create a comprehensive global background check program for you, typically including:

Experience and knowledge of navigating local laws or differences on what information is needed to start a particular check type and what can and should be reported back

Data protection, privacy and security requirements by country or region and ensuring these are aligned to your HR policies and programs, as applicable

Local language release forms and consent forms for the top languages as well as the ability to do education, employment and other verifications in local languages

Compliance team that can work with you to ensure and understand local regulations and requirements for criminal, civil and other national or regional checks

Access to global databases for international checks, such as Interpol Most Wanted and United Nations Consolidated list, through our GlobalWatch product

Experience in handling and searching internationally for candidates with diverse education, employment or location history

Have questions about a specific country? Want to know more about starting or expanding your global screening programs? Contact us now and we’d be happy to have a discussion about your needs.