Accurate Background

Global Product Suite

Global Watch

Accurate Background’s Global Watch product identifies PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons), SDNs (Specially Designated Nationals), terrorists, organized criminals, money launderers, fraudsters, and others considered high risk in todays global regulatory environment

Criminal Search

Accurate Background’s Criminal Search product searches national, state and local databases to identify and report any criminal activity that may form part of your pre employment checks.

Civil Search

Accurate Backgrounds Civil Search product searches for any civil suits filed by or against a candidate, reporting any civil activity back for your review.

Accurate Backgrounds Civil Search

Employment Verification

Accurate Background’s Employment Verification product is used to verify employment history that is provided by the applicant to ensure accuracy and authenticity of the information.

Education Verification

Accurate Background’s Education Verification product is used to verify educational history that is provided by the applicant to ensure accuracy and authenticity of the information.

Work Eligibility Check

Accurate Background’s Work Eligibility Check product is used in countries where you need to check that the candidate is legally authorized to work within that country, particularly given the global nature of todays workforce.

Work Eligibility Check

Motor History Check

Accurate Background’s Motor History Check product verifies driving history and any vehicle related crimes associated with the candidate’s driving record.

Credit Check

Accurate Background’s Credit Check product looks for any financial irregularities, typically with a local credit bureau. This is particularly useful where you’re hiring for Senior Executives, Finance positions, those who may be handling cash and employees who will have store or site access.

Credit Score Check

Directorship Check

Accurate Background’s Directorship Check enables you to check if an applicant has any active or former registered company responsibilities, such as a registered director. This can be useful to reveal both conflicts of interest and information that was not disclosed in an employment application that should have been.

ID Verification

Accurate Background’s ID verification services enable you to verify the authenticity or validity of applicant ID documentation. This is common with Passports, National Identity Cards, Citizenship cards and countries with local ID cards that form part of the hiring due diligence.

ID verification services

If you’re not already working with Accurate Background on international background screening, then contact us now to find out more and start or expand your global screening programs.