Brazil Pre-Employment Background Checks

Brazil pre-employment background checks

Brazil is sometimes referred to as a ‘BRIC country’, denoting Brazil, Russia, India and China, who amongst the four countries have over a quarter of land area and more than 40% of the worlds population. With such a large land mass of abundant natural resources and a population of over 190 million people, it’s no surprise that Brazil has seen rapid economic development over the past twenty years.

In fact, Brazil’s labor force is over 107 million people, ranking it the 6th largest labor force worldwide and ranging from coffee, which Brazil is the largest producer of in the world, through to cars, for which it’s the fourth largest maker in the world. Given all the economic activity and large labor force, it’s therefore no surprise that we often get requests for employment background checks in Brazil and are often asked how they work, so here we review the basics.

Does the applicant have a criminal background?

In Brazil it’s possible to check at a federal and state level if a potential employee has a criminal background. To do so we require a special candidate consent form to be completed online, in English or Portuguese, whereby we capture the key identification details.

To complete the form, candidates will need a “Cadastro de Pessoa Física (CPF) number”. This is an individual taxpayer registry number, which helps to uniquely identify the individual. There is no citizenship or residency requirement to obtain one, so anyone who has ever lived and worked in Brazil is likely to have one.

In addition to the CPF number, we collect the candidates first and last names, most recent address history in Brazil, date of birth and mother’s maiden name. These pieces of information enable us to uniquely identify the individual to a good degree of certainty.

With the candidate’s consent and employer’s instruction, Accurate Background can then run an appropriate Brazil background check to obtain the criminal record history for the majority of job roles and industries.

Does the applicant have a civil action in their background history?

For certain positions, you might also want to consider searching for any civil activity. This can be offered as a separate service where we can search the Tribunal de Justiça (Court of Justice) of all 26 Brazilian states, as well as the relevant regional and national courts. This includesthe Superior Tribunal de Justiça (Superior Court of Justice) and Supremo Tribunal Federal (Supreme Federal Court) for any litigation filings. This is typically done on a state by state level and also requires the CPF number and applicant consent.

Is the applicant going to be driving?

Assuming the candidate is going to be driving, you can also check someone’s driving license (Carteira Nacional de Habilitação or CNH) information. To verify the driver license is valid we need a copy of the front and back, along with the consent of the individual. This is then verified with the local authorities.

Is credit history going to be a factor?

It’s possible to verify the credit of an individual with a credit reporting agency. The agency in Brazil is SERASA, which is wholly owned by Experian. A credit history search in Brazil checks a national credit records database, which could uncover bankruptcies, unfunded checks, delinquent/late payments and any registered debts. As with civil and criminal, the CPF number should be provided.

Is the education, employment and professional license history accurate?

We can also verify the validity of the candidate provided professional licenses, education or employment history. This can be done in Portuguese or a number of other languages if they have studied or worked in multiple countries. This is to ensure that the candidate has provided a legitimate education or employment history when applying for the role

Why use Accurate Background?

With globalization and mobility, more candidates will have lived, studied, or worked abroad. You’ll need more resources and knowledge to background check in and outside of Brazil, so it makes sense to partner with an international provider.

Accurate Background can further enhance the process by using our GlobalWatch product, which can identify terrorists, organized criminals, money launderers, fraudsters and others considered high risk in today’s global regulatory environment.

Hopefully this gives you enough information to consider when implementing background checks in Brazil. The Accurate Background team would be happy to work with you on any specific questions or considerations, so please do contact us to discuss your needs.