Helping customers with local requirements

Background Checks in India

Providing criminal searches in India can be a challenge because of the multiple ways a vendor can access criminal data. For example, a vendor can provide a search at a local police station, a local district court, or a criminal database. Each poses its own risks. The local police search involves a verbal confirmation of an applicant’s record and can be vulnerable to inaccuracy. A district court search could be based on an incorrect address provided by an applicant. The criminal database search is incomplete and non-exhaustive. Accurate Background has created a combination of searches that we believe provides the most complete and accurate criminal search available in India.

Background Checks in United Kingdom

A major online retailer wanted to expand its international screening program in the United Kingdom and increase automation. They needed to deploy the program in time for their peak seasonal hiring, a compressed timeframe in which thousands of workers would be placed at their sites. Criminal checks in the UK follow Disclosure Scotland requirements which our background check API leverages for the search. Accurate Background developed a streamlined way to collect candidate documentation, send searches to its local representatives, and receive results back via the API. These process improvements resulted in a significant turnaround time reduction for the client and the ability to staff-up quickly for the holiday season.