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When choosing a partner for background screening it’s critical to ensure they can support your current and future needs. Accurate Background started out in 1997 and through our years of experience and our large enterprise multinational customer base we rapidly expanded to become a trusted global provider that can support you domestically, wherever you may be based; and internationally based on your office locations, regional requirements or your candidates, who increasingly have international and diverse backgrounds.

Our International Products

Working with Accurate Background on your global recruitment needs means you get the same great product and service foundation, providing you with:

Talent screening | Accurate Background

Talent screening that is efficient and offers turnaround times that leave your candidates and future employees with a great first experience, irrespective of location.

High Standards Partner | Accurate Background

Great people, high standards and a trustworthy partner providing you with excellent customer service and ensuring you can onboard candidates as quickly as possible around the world.

Technical Innovation | Accurate Background

Industry leading technical innovation including major ATS and HCM Integrations, Web, Mobile & API access options and the Reporting, Data & Analytics to support your business needs.

If you’re not already working with Accurate Background on international background screening, then contact us now to find out more and start or expand your global screening programs.