Technology has completely transformed the ways people can make a living. While “traditional employment” is still most common, sharing economy and large contractor workforces are rapidly growing – attracting participants with increased flexibility and revenue potential.  This new era requires technologies that streamline the candidate onboarding process and enable trustful relationships. Accurate Background offers the industry’s most-advanced background check API, which integrates seamlessly with mobile and web applications to support efficient onboarding of new team members and promote public safety.

Unlike competitors, the Accurate API provides access to all workforce screening products, including drug testing, employment and education verifications, and international background checks. Our API is backed by FCRA compliant technology and services to protect your organization, your users, and your candidates.

Start Testing Our API

Accurate API Features:

Free Testing Environment
We understand that developers need to test! The Accurate API comes with a complete sandbox environment where you can get familiarized with its robust capabilities. Click here to start testing our API.


Our API’s Modern JSON architecture allows you to integrate background checks into your applications quickly and configure to your requirements. Questions? Our user-friendly documentation will guide you every step of the way.

Flexible Workflows

Whether you want to collect and pass-through PII or request your candidates enter information themselves, our API supports multiple workflows for efficient onboarding.

Affordable Pricing

We offer several affordable background check packages depending on the scope of your business. Custom packages are available on request. See our pricing options here.

Robust Product Offering

The Accurate API is the industry’s only comprehensive background check API technology. Integration with our API provides access to our all background check products, including criminal and terrorist searches, motor vehicle records, education and employment verifications, drug testing, and more. Additionally, our API is capable of processing international background checks for your global workforce.

Candidate Scoring

Candidate Scoring through Risk Reduction Technology ™ gives you the most automated tool for grading candidates and applying consistent decision making across your organization. RRT ™ automatically reviews the results of the complete background check and assesses a recommendation based on the guidelines your company has developed.

Compliance Notifications

Our technology is fully compliant with FCRA, State, and local hiring requirements. Compliance features come built into our solution and location specific requirements are automatically triggered by the specifics of the search. In addition, our system can manage your subject notification reports, pre-adverse action letters, and adverse action letters, including the required report copies and Summaries of Rights of the Consumer on your behalf.

Industry-Leading Safeguards

The Accurate API is equipped with advanced security features to keep your candidates and your organization protected, including basic authentication and IP whitelisting. Because people play an equally important role in security, we are also ISO 9001:2008 Certified, TrustE Certified, NAPBS Accredited, and our operations team is Six-sigma certified.

True Customer Service

Unlike competitors who limit your communication to an email address or ship customer support overseas, you and your candidates will have access to our in-house customer support team by phone and email – whenever you need them. Our employees are tenured, knowledgeable and committed to providing you and your candidates with a positive experience.