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Check your email for the verification link. Once you have verified your email address, you can log in to the Developer Portal and see your API credentials, which are an HTTP Basic Authentication pair named ClientID and ClientSecret.

There are no fees for using the account in test mode. Once you are ready to go live, you can add a credit card for automatic payment through the developer portal and request to be moved to a production account directly through the Developer Portal.

The availability of a flagged result is dependent on the type of product ordered. For example, if you run the National Criminal Database and a potential criminal history is found, it is required that we conduct a search of the reporting jurisdiction (e.g., County court) to confirm the accuracy of the information from the National Criminal Database. Therefore the result of the National Criminal Database itself does not return a flag; instead it returns a status of Complete when the product has been run. The same is true for a Driving Record. Because the Department of Motor Vehicles returns information differently in each state, the information is not flagged and needs to be reviewed and compared against your company’s policy for adverse information on Driving Records.

Below is a list of the most commonly used products through the API and which ones return a flag.

  • National SSN Trace/Address Mover
    • Flags not returned
  • County Criminal Search (i.e. Felony/Misdemeanor)
    • Flags returned when Result indicates Record Found
  • Education Verification
    • Flags returned for specific Results
  • Employment Verification
    • Flags returned for specific Results
  • Driving Record (MVR)
    • Flags not returned
  • National Criminal Database
    • Flags not returned

Express Workflow

“Express” (One-Pass) implies your organization is collecting all information required for the background check from the individual including:

  • Collecting the Disclosure & Authorization (D&A)
  • Providing the Federal and appropriate state notices to the individual (ex. FCRA Summary of Rights)
  • Personal Information (SSN, date of birth, current address, full name, email, phone)
  • The candidate’s answer to whether or not they want a copy of the report as required in certain states

There may be other fields required based on the background check products you are ordering. Please reference the field level requirements outlined for the available products in the API Documentation.

Use of the Express Workflow requires your organization to configure the required notices and authorization processes in your platform. We have created a comprehensive Compliance Guide to aid your organization along the way.

Interactive Workflow

“Interactive” (Two-Pass) implies you are sending us the individual’s first name, last name and email, and we are triggering an email to the candidate asking them to log into our portal and complete the rest of the information (D&A with Summary of Rights, SSN, DOB, Driver’s License Number, etc.).

If you would like to test the candidate experience in Sandbox and walk through what the candidate workflow looks like, please email to receive an example of the candidate invite.


The data fields you would want to collect in your online platform depend on two things:

1) First you need to decide with available Workflow you plan to use – Express or Interactive. The Interactive workflow requires less data from your organization and ensures capturing the consent and PII from the candidate prior to the background check is handled by Accurate Background on your organization’s behalf. For more information on the differences between the two available workflows, visit our API FAQs:

2) Second, the level of data you are required to send is fully dependent on the background check products and services you plan to utilize as well as the workflow you choose to use. For example, if you are not planning to verify a person’s education, we don’t need you to send education information in the Create Candidate payload. If you are planning to verify education AND you are using Express workflow, you will need to send us the education fields. If you are planning to verify education AND you are using Interactive, you don’t need to send us their education history. We will collect the education information from the candidate directly when using the Interactive workflow. Pricing and available services through the API can be found here:

All of the required fields are listed in the API documentation under Quick Start >> Create a Candidate and they call out which ones are required all of the time vs. those just required based on service need or use of the Express Workflow –

Yes, at a minimum you need to provide Disclosure and capture Authorization from the individual before running the background check (if you utilize the Express workflow), however, there are additional rules based on specific scenarios. We have some great information on our website under Compliance Information in the FAQs section and through white papers such as 4 Steps to Stay Compliance with FCRA.

In addition, we have created a comprehensive Compliance Guide to aid your organization along the way.

Yes, you can order just a driving record on individuals with the exception being the state of California. In California, any request for a driving record must be accompanied by another search (ex. County Criminal Search, National Criminal Database, National Sex Offender Registry).

While the National Criminal Database is a great tool for casting a wider net for crimes committed outside of where a person has lived, US courts do not report to any single nationwide database (including the FBI NCIC Database) on a required basis or frequency, so records retrieved from the National Criminal Database may not always be current or complete. It is recommended by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) that any information returned from this search be verified at the original source.

The National Criminal Database is a proprietary database compiled from US court records. The data is sourced from county courts, statewide criminal databases, as well as sex offender and correctional databases. The National Criminal Database is updated on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the original source.

Data is also included from:

  • Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) – Limited Access
  • FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist List
  • FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitive List
  • Wanted fugitive lists published by ten additional federal agencies, such as the US Department of Justice, US Customs Service, US Marshals Service, US Secret Service, US Drug Enforcement Agency, etc.
  • National Sex Offender Search
  • Wanted fugitive lists published by numerous state and local law enforcement agencies

To comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) for pre-employment purposes, all background check results must be retrieved from the original source. Therefore, if a criminal record is uncovered through the National Criminal Database, Accurate Background is required to perform a follow-up search at the local level. Accurate Background retrieves original case information from the issuing court in person.

Only products offered through the Social Security Administration will provide that information. While the National SSN Trace/Address Locator will confirm whether or not the SSN provided is valid, it will not verify that the SSN provided belongs to the candidate you are running the background check on.

Primarily used to identify counties where applicants reside, this search gathers information from a multitude of venues, such as credit bureaus, public records (real property) and moving records from mailing houses. Accurate Background’s National SSN/Address Locater searches credit headers and association algorithms in over 20 billion records, which uncover recent relocations, as well as historical addresses. This nationwide search provides summaries of the applicant’s name, name variations (such as maiden or previous names), date of birth, current address, and phone number.

Our National SSN/Address Locater is a comprehensive tool which differentiates our service from others who use traditional credit report headers. Using our tool, Accurate Background tends to identify 30-50% more counties. (Most traditional credit headers are limited to three prior addresses.)

Yes, sample Compliance Forms are available on the Sample Forms section of our website.

In addition, we have created a comprehensive Compliance Guide to aid your organization along the way.

Yes, the ability to pull the entire report through the API is outlined in the API Documentation in the section for “Retrieve an /order resource” under “/order”. It is the value in the reportUrl attribute in the API response.

Yes, the ability to pull statuses for each product you run on the individual through the API is outlined in the API Documentation in the section for “Retrieve an /order resource” under “/order”. You are also able to retrieve the status for each search by capturing additional information like what percentage of the report is complete, as well as the date the report completed.

Yes, through the API we can offer our proprietary Risk Reduction Technology to provide scoring on your results. Accurate Background’s Risk Reduction Technology™ automatically applies your organization’s decision-making criteria and ensures compliance with Federal and State regulations. Full Report Scoring and compliance filtering through our Risk Reduction Technology™ results in reduced client labor costs, consistent decision-making practices, and a streamlined process.

In order to utilize this service customized to your organization’s specific guidelines, please reach out to us at

Yes, Accurate Background can manage the distribution of state required subject notification letters, pre-adverse action letters, and adverse action letters (including the required report copy and Summary of Rights to the consumer). Samples of all federal and state compliance required documents and forms are available at no extra cost by following this link.

If adverse information is uncovered on an applicant, Accurate Background handles the fulfillment of pre-adverse and adverse letters and delivers them to the applicant.

Accurate Background does charge for adverse administration services and fees associated with this service. Also, state-required notification letters can be automatically sent out to California, Minnesota, New York, Connecticut and Oklahoma applicants for an additional fee.

The general procedure is as follows: The applicable state and federal notifications are sent automatically based on your organizations’ decision-making guidelines pre-configured in Accurate Background’s proprietary Risk Reduction Technology™. If our Risk Reduction Technology™ delivers a “Needs Review” determination based on your organizations’ guidelines, you have the opportunity to further review the results and determine if the applicant “Meets” or “Does Not Meet” your requirements. If the candidate does not meet requirements, Accurate Background will automatically release the pre-adverse action letter. At this time the candidate can contact Accurate Background directly to dispute the report, and we will assist the candidate with any questions at that time. If during the 5-business-day period the candidate does not contact our offices, the adverse action letter will be sent out.

In order to utilize this service, please reach out to us at

Yes, international background checks are available through the API. Availability of international information varies greatly in each country due to local requirements and regulations.

Accurate Background works directly with strategically placed foreign researchers around the world to conduct international screening. We believe this model allows us flexibility in deploying (or changing out) local and regional experts, and offers us the price leverage that such a competitive model creates.

By using a more diverse network, we are able to offer your organization the most expansive global research system available in our industry and provide you with information supplied by experts of the country’s culture, language and laws. We only work with those individuals who have proven knowledge of their country’s court system and any applicable privacy laws. Our global affiliates are routinely audited for accuracy and security. In addition, legal regulations are diligently researched and documented for each country on a continuous basis.

In order to utilize international services, please reach out to us at

Yes, through our API, Accurate Background provides employers with an efficient method to electronically manage the entire I-9 process, including collection, storage, and verification. For more information on our I-9 product, please visit this link.