The Accurate API comes with built-in compliance capabilities to support the building of trusted workforces while mitigating risk with international, federal (FCRA), state, and locally compliant background checks. Our technology and services help you focus on the business of onboarding, knowing you have a partner to guide you through the complex compliance processes.

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Integrated compliance features include:


Facilitation of compliance-required documentation:

Facilitating the distribution of compliance-required documentation during and after the background check process, including the management and distribution of state-required copies of background reports, pre-adverse action letters, and adverse action letters.

Compliance notifications:

If adverse information is uncovered on a candidate, Accurate Background can handle at your request the fulfillment of custom pre-adverse and adverse letters and deliver them to the candidates – providing them clear, compliant communications. Samples of all federal and state compliance required documents and forms are available at no extra cost.

Candidate Scoring:

Candidate Scoring through our Risk Reduction Technology ™ supports automated candidate recommendations based on a company’s decision-making policies, legal requirements, and what information is returned by the background check process.

Vetted, filtered information:

Unlike competitive API offerings, Accurate Background also ensures that customers only receive vetted, FCRA-compliant background information on candidates. This enables them to make informed decisions that protect the rights of applicants while also protecting their business and customers.

Applicant Support:

Your applicants are our clients, too. Our award-winning customer service team is available to your applicants by phone and email whenever needed. Should a dispute arise, we will work with the applicant to ensure it is resolved quickly.

Ongoing Education:

Accurate Background is dedicated to keeping you up to date with ever-changing compliance requirements. We regularly publish free Legislative Updates and blog posts on compliance requirements that impact your organization. If you elect to use the Express workflow, here is comprehensive Compliance Guide to aid you in setting up the requirements in your platform.

Accurate Background is a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA), as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). As a CRA, Accurate complies with all requirements put forth by the FCRA, including but not limited to, ensuring all reasonable procedures are applied to ensure accuracy and protect the confidentiality of the information returned on an individual during the background check process.